Lifespan Stanford Cubby House

  • $1,385.00


What a fantastic addition to your backyard! The Stanford Cubby House from Lifespan Kids is one of a kind! Standing almost 3 metres tall, this play fort offers a wonderfully spacious design that gives everyone space to spread out. Measuring 390cm x 200cm x 290cm (L x W x H), safety railings surround the top level, giving peace of mind, making it safe for kids to play on. They can choose from two exits on the top level. An exciting 2.2 metre long wavy slide ensures a fun ride down or they can climb down the ladder. What child doesn’t enjoy the challenge of climbing up and down a ladder?

On the top deck, the game for all ages, Noughts and Crosses, provides a great learning tool for developing minds. Included in your package is a play telescope and a steering wheel. Not only can the kids pretend to drive the car, but they can be pirates escaping across the sea or wherever else their imaginations take them! Down below, the built-in sand pit offers further covered space for children to play. The sandpit comes with a UV-protected tarp as well as an internal ground sheet to prevent grass or weeds from growing into the sand play area, and also allows for water drainage. If sand is not your choice, a ball-pit is a super-fun option.

Treated Timber

The timber used for the Stanford is treated via high temperature drying, degreasing and is stained against wood rot and insect damage. It comes UV protected to withstand the harsh Aussie sun.


  • Premium treated timber for long term protection against rot, fungal decay and insect attack.
  • Massive, wavy 2.2m slide
  • Noughts & crosses spin blocks and Red steering wheel
  • Built-in large square sandpit, includes ground sheet and plastic top cover
  • Under-cover and fenced upper fort
  • Well-positioned handles with side step ladder
  • Matte stained wood for a smooth, natural finish

Assembly Required – This product comes partially assembled in a box with assembly instructions included.

Assembled Dimensions – 390cm x 200cm x 290cm (L x W x H)

Carton Size - Box 1: 236cm x 32.5cm x 13.5cm - 37kg                         

                      Box 2: 197.5cm x 29cm x 10.2cm - 20kg                        

                      Box 3: 175.5cm x 95.5cm x 7.5cm - 36kg                        

                      Box 4: 184cm x 76.5cm x 15.5cm - 27kg                        

                      Box 5: 195cm x 123cm x 16.5cm - 38kg

Gross Weight – 158kg

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