Plum® 12ft Premium Magnitude Trampoline

  • $794.95

Plum®’s best-selling Magnitude Trampoline just got even better!

Reengineered for 2015, the Plum® new Premium Magnitude Trampoline offers the safest jump, the longest life and the ultimate bounce. With all of the features that make the Magnitude so unique, jumpers can continue to enjoy the patented 3G bubble enclosure, rust-resistant Tramp Klamp bracket and Springsafe design. The Premium Magnitude offers innovative engineering, the latest safety designs and upgraded materials for a class leading finish.

The Plum® 12ft Premium Magnitude Trampoline offers innovative engineering, the latest safety designs and upgraded materials for a class leading finish. The Premium Magnitude trampoline has been developed from the ground up – no cost spared in order to design one the strongest and highest quality trampolines on the market. Plum® stands by each trampoline; their safety focused designs have been tested to simulate over 1,000,000 bounces, far in excess of any safety standard or legislative requirement.

Super Soft Enclosure Poles!

Plum®'s premium magnitude enclosure design provides bouncers with the largest internal jumping area of any trampoline in the world. Due to the unique convex design of the enclosure poles, the huge fishbowl design gives kids unparalleled space to jump around inside the trampoline.

Padded Protection!

The Premium Magnitude trampoline uses EVA foam to cover the enclosure poles and protect any off-track bouncers who may come in contact with them whilst they push the limits of trampolining. EVA foam is a soft and lightweight material that has a high UV resistance and will ensure your trampoline continues to look great for years to come. EVA foam is the same material used in the production of the puzzle educational play mats for children as it is one the softest, cushioniest materials around.

Fitted With A Next Generation Enclosure Design

Plum®’s patented Springsafe® enclosure design connects to the inside of the jumping mat creating a Springsafe® barrier ensuring that little jumpers who do go off track land on the soft mesh netting rather than the springs or frame, making this the class leading trampoline in safety features and design. Plum have carefully designed the Springsafe enclosure to ensure that maximum safety is provided to keep each bouncer pushing the limits, jumping higher, kicking further and twirling faster!

Added Strength & Stability!

Many competitors use a welded bracket, but the team at Plum® were hard at work designing their patented weld free bracket. Plum® brackets aren’t light or thin, they are forged from 2.5mm galvanised steel, weighing 0.5kg each. The bracket adds a huge amount of strength and stability to the joints & frame providing critical support to ensure a better, higher and safer bounce. See photo!

Maximising Space With Our Springsafe Enclosure

In-conjunction with Plum® patented Springsafe® enclosure their trampoline design can provide jumpers with class leading jumping space while ensuring that safety is not jeopardised or the potential risk of coming in contact with the springs and frame.

A Safer, More Durable Net

Polyester gets a bad rap for being the cloth of choice in tacky 70’s suits but it is actually an incredible resource that is lightweight and has a high resistance to UV radiation. Polyester is extremely strong, very durable and resistant to stretching and shrinking and because it retains its shape it is perfect for making outdoor products for harsh climates. Plum® understands that little bouncers need the safest net and that’s why they have designed one with a small weave to prevent little fingers and toes from getting caught. The super soft enclosure net and small weave ensure that each jumper is extremely safe so they can jump all day long to their heart’s content!

Perfect For The Whole Family

The secret to an extra high bounce is having a solid frame, and that’s why we’ve designed our trampolines to hold a huge 125kg weight rating. With a great quality base & jumping mat, the sky is the limit for each little bouncer, meaning that they can bounce higher than ever before!

Plum®’s trampoline frame is made from heavy-duty double galvanised steel, which provides a strong and stable foundation allowing kids of all ages and sizes to get the best possible bounce experience. Every steel component including the frame, legs and enclosure poles have been galvanised inside and out for rust free protection, meaning all members of your family will have years of fun!

Formed for A First-Class Bounce

The Plum® 12ft Premium Magnitude trampoline comes with 80, huge 220mm springs made of high-galvanised steel that is finished in a gold passivation layer to ensure no rust, corrosion or breakages. Plum® have been making trampolines for over 27 years, having sold millions of trampolines in their history and Plum have tested them all and can guarantee there is no substitute for springs. Not only are theirs the biggest, they have more of them than anyone else on the market! This ensures that anyone from a 15kg little jumper to a 125kg big boy will get the softest and greatest bounce because with more springs at longer lengths you don’t have to work as hard to get the best bounce.

Reversible, Extra Thick and UV Treated Pads!

Plum®’s reversible, extra thick foam pads not only protect the jumper, but also any friends outside of the net waiting for their turn. The pads connect over the springs, ensuring that no little fingers get caught in the springs while other kids are bouncing. Australia has one of the harshest climates in the world, so Plum® has produced pads with a high quality thick PVC rubber that is UV treated to ensure they won’t fade or disintegrate and protect your children for years to come.

Reversible safety pads prolong the lifetime of the trampoline, meaning that little ones can jump until their heart desires for many years to come! One quick flip and you’ll get a brand new set of safety pads ready to go the distance!  

Supplied with spring loading tool for easy assembly.

Supplied flat packed with easy assembly instructions.

Number of legs: 4

Recommended age: 6 years +

Assembled size: L3.66 x W3.66 x H2.69m

Diameter: 12ft

Maximum User Weight: 125kg

Safety Pad Material: PVC

Approx Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 2 Hours

80 Springs

Galvanised Steel Frame inside and out.


Please allow a 2.50m safety perimeter and Adult supervision required at all times.

No more than one person at any one time.

Minimum user age 6 years, maximum user weight 125kg.

Adult assembly required & only for outdoor domestic use.

Minimum user age 6 years, maximum user weight 125kg

Adult assembly required & only for outdoor domestic use

Colour - Black

Diameter - 12ft

Assembled Size - L366 x W366 x H269cm

Max User Weight - 125Kg

Number of Springs - 80

Safety Pad Material - PVC

Enclosure Sleeve Material - PVC

Self-Assembly Required - Yes

Approx. Assembly Time - 2 adults, 2 hours

Recommended Age - 6 years+

Warranty (Frame) - 10 Years against failure due to rusting

Warranty (Pad) - 2 Years

Warranty (Mat) - 5 Years against failure due to rotting

Warranty (Enclosure Net) - 1 Year

See Plum® Warranty terms and conditions in FAQS


Outdoor use only. One user at a time, collision hazard. Replace the enclosure net after one year of use. Only for domestic use. Minimum user age 6 years. Maximum user weight 125 kg. We recommend you place the trampoline on a level surface at least 2m from any overhead structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical wires.

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